About us

Paperihuone ry was established in 1998 mainly as an art studio. Galleria Paperihuone in Arvi Kariston katu has been open to public since 2015 and is located close to Hämeenlinna Art museum.

There are currently 33 members, out of which eight are renting the art studio. All the members of Paperihuone are able to use the necessary equipments for creating art. The artists are able to rent Paperihuone for creating art during a day, a week or a month. For reservations and more details please contact paperihuone@gmail.com.

The artist can have an exhibition for his or her pieces of art in the gallery during one month at a time. The art studio gives an opportunity for the members of Paperihuone to have exhibitions and sell their pieces of art and post cards.

The art studio Paperikammari has been opened in the beginning of 2022.


Paperihuone ry 

Galleria Paperihuone and art studio

Arvi Kariston katu 9, door 3

Art studio Paperikammari

Arvi Kariston katu 9, door 4

13100 Hämeenlinna

phone nr:  046 685 7555

paperihuone@gmail.com, http://www.paperihuone.com

Paperihuone gallery is open Tuesday – Friday  May 13.00–18.00 and Saturdays 12–16.

June- August Tuesday – Friday 12.00-18.00 Saturdays 12.00-16.00

Free entry